Program Description

The DIY Modeling team thanks Appalachian State University for hosting the consortium's website.

3D/2D simulations let your students see math and physics relationships.

With DIYModeling you can:

  • use pre-built simulations from our library
  • adapt simulations to your own needs
  • build new simulations from scratch

The centerpiece of the DIYModeling project is software, called DIYModeling, that enables students, faculty, and curriculum developers to produce game-quality, three-dimensional simulations without knowing computer programming or knowing how to use software like Blender or 3dsMax.

Building simulations requires understanding the underlying science and mathematics. For that reason, DIYModeling is particularly appropriate when you want your students to focus on the underlying science and mathematics. Nonetheless, because of time constraints you may want your students to use pre-built simulations or to make small modifications in pre-built simulations.

You can download the software for free from our Downloads page; you will also find helpful documentation including tutorials there. You will find many pre-built simulations with associated curriculum materials in the Simulations Library.



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Featured Simulations

Bouncing Ball


Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse